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Virginia Jam #1 Photos

Lammer Bike Co., Ed's new flatland company. Mike, Cowboy Squeeker on his new candy-blue Quamen. Mike, Brakeless Decade. Mike's home-made bars For some odd reason, Ed brought along his roller-blading friend. He was the odd one at the jam. Carter, in the way while I was taking a shot of the lot. George, the Master, doing some long whiplash link. The people at the jam. George, lllloooonnnngggg Karl-Cruiser. George, a nice, clean, Half-Hiker across the whole lot. Carter, switch into a Funky Chicken. Shane, a long Peg Manual. Carter, going into a Steamroller. Jake, Funky Chicken Carter, in the way again. Shane, squeekers. Carter, a long 1-Handed Funky Chicken. George's Twist-Laced rear wheel. Chris, Squeekers on the pedal. Moments afer Carter bought his Grilled Stuft Burrito, he ate half of it and decided to ride a bit more. He sat it down by his truck and a few seconds later, a psycho flock of seagulls made off with his burrito. This is him chasing them away.

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