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Taska Freecoaster

One of the essential things on a flatland bike is the freecoaster. What is the difference between a freecoaster and a freewheel? A freecoaster allows the bike to travel backwards without the pedals being forced back. But if you have a freewheel, then whenever you do an endo for example, your back wheel comes down and you are now traveling backwards. You will feel the pedals forcing your feet to travel backwards. That can sometimes be the reason people get "pedal bite." It hurts. Anyways, the Taska is possibly the worst freecoaster available. The only reason I have it is because it came stock with my '99 EP. It will catch sometimes and will force your feet back, but I know how to prevent that. If it does catch, then just [quickly] spin your feet backwards one rotation of the cranks and it will stop. I have had no trouble with it yet. Before I have the chance to break it, I will upgrade to either a Nankai or a Haro Turbine. If you are in need of a cheap freecoaster, or you just want to get it for the fun of it, then I recommend the Taska.

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