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Primo Wall Tires

WOOOOHOOOOO! I am finally rid of those crappy GT tires! Anyways, like in the GT Airbag review, I said I would switch to either Odyssey Elmstreets or Primo Walls, I went with the walls. I just started learning megaspins a week or two ago, so I went with the 1.85 Walls. People have told me that a bit of a smaller size makes it a bit easier to spin, while a larger size gives you more room and better grip to scuff on. I used to have 1.95s, and now the 1.85s are easier to spin. Anyways, when I first rode these tires and I turned quickly or did barspins with the front wheel on the ground, it would squeek, and it was annoying. It took just a day to "break it in," so now there are no more squeeks. They have a VERY good traction, and they haven't slipped off the rim or folded sideways yet(, like the GT tires). They have a rim-lock bead and are 85psi. I have only had them a few days right now, so I will add on to this review in a week or two. So far, no complaints, so I'll let you know how they are!

OK, its been a LOT longer than a few weeks. it is now about 4 months or so after i bought these tires and they are still awesome. Still spin great and scuff good. These are very good tires. My front wore down quicker than the rear because i have been doing megaspins but it is in good shape nevertheless. If you wear down one tire faster than the other then just switch the front with the rear tire to get more life from them.

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