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Odyssey Modulever

When I bent the barrle adjusters on my Dia-Tech MX-97 lever, I was on the market for a new lever. I decided to ask around on the backlashbmx.com forum for a good choice. I have big hands and liked the look of the Odyssey Modulevers. Fast forward to 4 days later. I was outside working on funky chickens and squeekers and waiting for the mail to come. The mail dude came up and I saw him stuff a package into the mailbox just as i fell over backwards onto my butt. I ran over, put down my bike and grabbed the package out of the mail. I tore it open as quickly as i could, which was kind of hard without a utility knife because i has a seat in there also. When i got it open, I was surprised at how big they were. But it was a good kind of big. I liked the look of oversized bike parts. They are light, strong, and look very nice. The Modulevers are also very low-profile compared to other clamping levers. You don't have to take the grips and barends off when changing levers. I got them on my bike the next day at Mike's house and I liked the feel of them. They felt nice and beefy. I slammed them into the ground quite a few times and they were practically untouched. They are the best levers out as far as I am concerned. I would recommend these levers to anybody unless they have small hands. I give them a 10/10.

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