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You can tell when summer is coming when this weirdo hits the asphalt

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Update History:

05/24/02 --- Sorry everyone for the lack of updates for a while, I have been busy reformatting the whole site and transferring all my files to a new server. I couldn't use frames so I have to put the menu for the site at the very bottom of each page, I hope you like it!

04/30/02 --- VA JAM #3 is announced now! Click here for the details!

04/05/02 --- Click here to download VA Jam 2 wallpaper.

03/31/02 --- The photos from VA JAM #2 are up! Check out the Image Gallery. Be patient because there are more than 60 photos!

03/27/02 --- I finally added on to the Primo Walls Review so go look at it. And don't forget that VA JAM #2 is in a few days!

03/02/02 --- Carter's bio is now up and take a look at my bike. It's crankless.

03/01/02 --- VA JAM #2 DATE CHANGE: new date is now March 30. (Saturday)

02/28/02 --- Drew's bio is also up now.

02/27/02 --- Mike's bio is now up. Check it out.

02/26/02 --- Some Bios are finally up. For now there are 3: Chris, Ed, and Tony.


02/17/02 --- VA Jam #2 is going on over Spring Break. Check it out on the menu.

01/31/02 --- The Bios are under construction for a while and I am getting rid of the How Tos.

01/16/02 --- A review for the Odyssey Modulever is in the Product Reviews now.

01/10/02 --- More Bike Photos are up. Keep them coming!

01/08/02 --- There are more Bike Photos in the Image Gallery. There are now 6.

01/07/02 --- Go to the Image Gallery, I have added a new Sub-Gallery: Bike Photos. Send me some pics of your bike.

01/06/02 --- I added reviews for the Odyssey Evolver and the London Brixton.

12/30/01 --- All in all, the Virginia Jam #1 went really good. There were only 10 people, but they were all good. Check out pics from it in the Image Gallery.

12/22/01 --- Okay, the Mike S. Bar Review is up! Go and check it out. Sorry for the long time without an update.

12/07/01 --- I finally got my new Mike S. bars from Flatland Fuel. There are pics of my bike and look for a review of them soon!

12/01/01 --- I added a new type of image gallery. Check out my ASCII images(images made up of numbers, letters, and symbols).

11/26/01 --- Since I snapped my brakeplate, I updated my bike's part list and picture. I also added on to the Taska Freecoaster Review.

11/20/01 --- There is a Primo Venus Chain Tensioner review now! Check it out.

11/17/01 --- I finally got new tires! Look at the review on Primo Walls.

11/14/01 --- Check out the How-Tos, I added Megaspins!

11/9/01 --- I have updated my bike's picture and also have the Mike S. fork review written.

11/3/01 --- I added a Product Review Section. Check it out! I also updated my picture on my bio.

10/28/01 --- The first few pictures of people added to Gallery #1! Also, thanks to Brian at TheFlatlander.com for putting me on the linker!

10/23/01 --- Rider Photos section added!

10/22/01 --- Special Thanks to Pat for putting my link on Flatlandfuel.com!

10/21/01 --- The Dumb Comments section is added!

10/20/01 --- A Poll and Link section added!

10/19/01 --- Update on bios and and funny stuff!

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