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Odyssey Evolver

The odyssey evolver is believed to be one of the best brakes someone can buy. It is the most versatile brake there is. I went from having a 990 to an Odyssey Evolver, and I like the change. I used the medium weight springs to feather the brakes. It still stops on a dime when i pull it far enough back. It comes with Odyssey 1x4 brake pads, a London Mod, and everything else needed to use it as a back or front brake. I only like to run a front brake, so I put it on the front. It is very low-profile compared to 990s, is able to stop fast or feather lightly, and is (in my opinion) the best brake ever made. It costs $30 from Flatlandfuel, but is very well worth the price. 10/10.

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