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Dia Compe AD990 U-Brake

These brakes are simply amazing. They are the original u-brake and have changed flatland altogether. The only thing is, they are EXTREMELY hard to adjust. Well, if you don't really know how. And I don't :o). The brake pads that come with them aren't so great though. They stop on a dime if they are properly adjusted, your rims are clean, and they are dialed in perfectly. Some tips to improve braking would be to sand down your rims with VERY fine sandpaper (if they are chrome) to keep a clean braking surface, sand down your brake pads now and then to get the gunk off of them, and use some kind of special lubricant to keep your brakes working smoothly. Anyways, these brakes will either be the reason you die from a car from not stopping, or they will shoot you over the bars.

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